How does it work?

Finishing School works by:

• first, helping you find the energy, focus and motivation to complete your project
• next, giving you your own personalized step-by-step road map to completion
• finally, providing the ongoing mutual support you need to stay on track, avoid overwhelm and burnout, celebrate your progress as you go and cheer you on as you pass the finish line.

Finishing School uses simple, easy-to-follow methods that will make immediate sense to you. It’s not New Age hokum and it doesn’t involve quantum mechanics or the Law of Attraction.

The Method

Finishing School meets once a week for two hours with a mandatory one-month commitment.

At the first session, writers take out their calendars and make specific commitments to times during the first week that they will write. Whatever that week presents, we encourage you  to think creatively about how much time you can honestly commit, and to make that commitment public.

After you identify the hours you have for work, you set goals for the week. What problems have you been trying to fix? What piece of it can you address this week?

Then we choose a creative buddy, someone to text when we sit down to fulfill that commitment we made to work. This simple form of accountability is key to getting motivated and keeping you going. If your buddy is working, you want to support that person by doing your work too.

When we return the next week we do not read each others’ work. We only discuss what you got done, and how you handled anything that got in the way. Then we identify the time we can work in the next week, what we want to do, what it will require, and we move on with a sense of motivation, accomplishment and purpose.