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having read this book and attended workshops with Cary, these folks are now offering Finishing School workshops of their own.
Get in touch … Or start one yourself! All you need is the book and a place to gather!.–Cary T.

Maria Rodgers O’Rourke

is a writer, teacher, and workshop facilitator who knows the struggle of resistance and procrastination as well as the joy of publishing. Having completed our Finishing School workshop herself, Maria knowingly and carefully guides participators with a deep understanding of the writing process. Read what she learned in Montana, when she lugged a pile of notebooks across the country in search of her own writer’s voice.


Janine Kovac and Tarja Parssinen

lead Finishing School workshops in the beautiful co-working and business incubation space in Mill Valley, California called The Hivery. Janine is the author of Spinning: Choreography for Coming Home, a mother’s memoir about ballet, cognitive science and raising radically  premature twins. Tarja is a writer and performer who has written for the Washington Post, and many other publications. Together they lead Moxie Road, a consultancy and workshop collective dedicated to guiding women through the complex process of literary creation. As they say, “Ideas are easy. The hard part is turning an idea into an actual product–an essay, a book proposal, a memoir, a storytelling performance.”


Ron Seybold of Austin, Texas

offers Finishing School workshops out of his writing and coaching studio in Austin’s Barrington Oaks neighborhood. Like Cary, Ron is a trained and certified Amherst Writers and Artists workshop leader. He’s a lot of other things too — an editor, a novelist, a writing coach, and founder of The Writers Workshop. Learn more about Ron here. 

Also: Email our good friend and finishing school star Christina Ferguson of San Francisco, California for information about her upcoming workshops.